The first mobile mall

All purchases one application incorporating hundreds of businesses in various areas of residence environment friendly sellers: Super – Rackets, food, restaurants, clothing and footwear, equipment and food for animals, tickets to shows, computers & office equipment, flowers, gifts, & much more …
Main features
 Time period: 2011 – 2013
Technologies Involved
  • Designing  Photoshop ,Illustrator & Flash
  • UI/UX – axure
  • Programming – Dreamweaver, PHP, JS, HTML, XML & CSS
  • Video productions – Aftereffects, Premiere
  • Advertizing tools – Google Analytics & Adwords, Facebook for businesses, Facebook insight & ads
  • The Branding

iMarket colors are three – orange, dark gray & white, the orange color contain high saturation & was picked to standout.

The Logo –  bold letters, the first letter is orange, only the second letter – “M” is uppercase instead of the first. the icon – a shopping cart placed in a circle similar to button shape with strips in background.

The Figure –  optimist young man with black hair, orange shirt with the iMarket cart, the eyeballs are also orange.

The icons – strips background inside a button shape circle, similar to the logo.

The categories icons – 3D illustrated icons with a dominant orange color

  • Planning the app - wireframes

The basic grid – the app’s screen is  divided into 3 containers:

The header –  a fixed content with -the logo, the back button (for iphone’s users), a qr scanner button and a search field.

The mid container –  this is the dynamic part of the app with all the screens – home page, stores, products, dynamic map, delivery options and more.

The footer –  contain a fixed button bar with the most used functions on the app such as the cart, the help screens, the categories and the home page button.

  • Planning the desktop - wireframes

The iMarket websites are another brunch of the mobile app, they are a perfect mirror to the app and they holds the same functions and data.

The UI/UX planning for the desktop is inspired by the mobile app, creating a multi-shops e-commerce based website that  specify in numerous categories.

Some of the websites pages are an advance search engine, on line shops, products, carts and checkout, user profile pages, coupons and more…

  • The app

iMarket main focused is on the mobile app, the users can order everything through that app with a couple of clicks, they can do it anywhere and even schedule the delivery time so that the order will wait for them as soon as they be back home.

The app itself contain the option to search a product by name, categories or on a live map that shows all the shops around the user, hundreds of shops pages, thousands of products, payment and delivery system, illustrated help section, special coupons and a even a QR reader.

The design is following the iMarket’s brand book, with an orange and black as the main colors, the iMarket’s figure and categories unique icons.

  • Desktop websites

iMarket originally design to the Israeli market, later on it picked up by the Ukraine and Russia markets, every country have its own website containing local stores with adjustable categories & functions.

The Design followed the brand book with colors ,icons and other web elements identical to the app design, but still there’s some major changing in the look and feel of the different sites, for example – the Russian site have more minimalist design & less bold than the Israeli website.

  • Clip

Created with Adobe’s “After effects”, the clip demonstrate how the iMarket app works, and the easy-to-use approach
The clip main use is as a live presentation for investors, shop’s owners and businesses collaborations.
  • Facebook Activities

Facebook business page

To build an audience, I created a business page on facebook that contain news about the app, information on new shops, special prices and sales from the iMarket’s shops.

The page also contain special tabs with a live coupons system, an help tab on how to use the app, landing pages for registering as a shop owners and for downloading the iMarket app.

Facebook sponsored ads

A large sets of advertising posts and ads for the facebook was created, most of them are focusing on a specific shop that gives exclusive discount prices for iMarket users.

The design contain elements from the brand book – the colors, the thick outline surrounding the main elements (figure & texts) and a fixed spiral background. to make thing more spicy a green color was added as the main color of the ad’s text.

  • Print materials

To fill the advertising needs, I created a couple of print materials in 3 languages (Hebrew, English & Russian). the materials including business cards,  stickers, flyers, brochures, invites, booklets and many more…

The print materials deigned according to the brand book with the same designing line as the digital products.