Lifestyle is a credit card issue by Isracard and a shopping club with relation to the “super-pharm”  – the largest pharmacies based chain stores in Israel. the club have more than half a million active members who mostly use the card to buy babies and cosmetic products so the main audience are women and families.

The club itself have collaborations with some of the major retailer companies in Israel such as McDonalds, Golf, Delek, Issta and Kravitz. this companies give special discount prices and deals to the Lifestyle’s club members and also participate in special sale days along the year.

Main features
 Time period: 2011 – 2015
Technologies Involved
  • Designing  Photoshop ,Illustrator & Flash
  • UI/UX – axure
  • Programming – Dreamweaver, JS, HTML, XML & CSS
  • Video productions – Aftereffects, Premiere
  • Advertizing tools – Facebook for businesses, Facebook insight & ads
  • Website

The Iifestyle website gather Lifestyle’s monthly offers from all of their business partners alongside general information about the club and its benefits.

Creating the website wasn’t an easy task because I couldn’t use any database based programming (such as php or asp) so the site itself had to be build in pure html without any back office management program to support the constantly changing information.

The design is based on the brand book, the blue and white colors along with the round corners.

  • Landing Pages

Over the years the Lifestyle club offers an on-line contests through their Facebook page, to find out more details about the contest every post linked to a landing page with information on how to win and the conditions that follows it.

The landing pages have similar design to the post itself, both of them follow the the design of Lifestyle’s brand book.

  • Facebook Activities

Facebook business page

The Lifestyle’s Facebook page opens a little bit late, on February 2014, after a lot of discussions on if it is a good idea to open a standalone page where most of the Lifestyle members are already members with his big parent – “Super-pharm”, having a facebook page with over half a million likes.

Now, more than two years later it seems to be a good decision, The Lifestyle Facebook page found his unique place with over 120,000 likes, his audience exposed to special prices, updates & contests posted 2-3 times a week.

The Facebook page opens the club to the fast digital world with a unique specials only available to on-line members. This page helps Lifestyle club to build a close relationship with his members – the Lifestyle credit card holders.

In addition to the main page, I’ve created page’s tabs that contains the Lifestyle’s monthly booklet, information about the club and how to join, a tab for on-line customer service and a tab for the club’s collaborations with other companies.

Facebook posts

Lifestyle’s Facebook page is full with posts, most of them created especially for the Facebook page, the posts are special offers from Super-pharm and from the collaborations with other companies, news about on upcoming sales and lots of Facebook contests.