Aluf Nuts – e-commerce website

Project description:
an e-commerce WordPress website for a nuts shop located in Bea’r sheva, Israel.

The inspiration for the brand’s design was a combination of the shop’s original colors with a touch of nostalgia to the yellow and red color palette, to that, I added a biblical font type to give an overall look of a nuts shop founded over 50 years ago that has its nostalgic taste in the nuts themselves.

Years active:

UX, UI designer, Branding, WordPress programmer


Root page

Selling nuts

selling nuts online is a little bit different than regular e-commerce products because the customers aren’t buying by units, instead, they buy by weight.
for that reason, we added an extra field value that takes weight as the variation of the product with immediate calculation for the total sum the customer needs to pay by the chosen weight.

Nuts packages

another need for this digital nuts shop is to join different products into one package with the options to show the exact items in the packages, the different weights for each of the products, and the amount of discount the whole package is costing compared to the original price.

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