Matkoy – All the kitsch in world
digital magazine

Project description:
Matkoy is a digital magazine dedicated as its title to all the kitsch in the world, containing articles about food (deserts and sweets mainly), pop music, tv and movie culture, nostalgic articles, and lots of viral content included personal quizzes and trivia tests.

Years active:

UX, UI designer, WordPress programmer, Website manager

home page

Custom mobile template

Elegant custom structure for the site’s home page focusing on easy user experience, taking inspiration from well-known news websites, and with two color skins for daily and night uses.

Root page

Viral content

Personality tests & Trivia quizzes

The core of Matoky magazine is viral content, as it is one of the main encouragement for users to spend more time on the site. the personality test and trivia quizzes were obvious choices.

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