Recruiter positions board

Project description:
Positions and candidates management app designed for allstarsIT – an international Software R&D and talent acquisition service provider based in Ukraine.

Years active:

Backoffice desktop management app

UX, UI designer


The Dashboard supports both candidates and positions and shows a decent amount of information without the need to scroll down.

Some of the main features of this page are a latest activities box, an appointments calendar, positions and candidates in numbers, and a couple of statistic information boxes.

Candidates list

The main principle behind the Candidates list is to quickly browse between candidates and see their details without leaving the list page. for that purpose, I added some quick action buttons like sending an email, viewing a resume, or reading remarks about the candidates.

Also, I used an accordion structure where the user can easily click on the right small arrow to expand the candidate’s full info page.

Single candidate – process

The candidate full page can be accessed by expanding the accordion tab on the main candidates’ list page but also it can be expanded to a full-page view with a unique webpage address that can be shared, send, or printed.

The accordion structure is also present in the candidate’s steps system where the user can document and easily follow the candidate’s process.

Single candidate – resume

Positions list

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