IT Service management platform

Project description:
Founded in 2002, SysAid is an IT service management (ITSM) solution that provides tools for managing and tracking IT services, assets, and tasks.

In 2021, I was hired to lead the user experience redesign and revamp the platform interface. By the end of 2023, the new product was launched as an alternative to the existing legacy product, which continued to operate alongside the new one to serve SysAid’s longstanding customers.

ITSM platform


UX team lead, Head of product design

Queue – main page

This page serves as the nerve center of the entire platform, aggregating all open tickets and their detailed data.
Every field on this page is editable (inline edit) and can be singled edited or as part of a multi-ticket bulk action, significantly saving users’ time and providing a user-friendly and easy-to-operate experience.
Additionally, the content of this page can be customized by adding custom columns and by saving viewing states.

Ticket page with the ‘Journey’ tab

The ticket page is the second most frequently used page on SysAid’s platform. It is structured into two main sections:
The left side, displays all the ticket information fields customizable through pre-made and custom templates.
The right side, features several key functions under different tabs. These functions include the ticket journey – a comprehensive history section that doubles as the conversation panel, the ticket attachment tab, and the Action Item (workflow) section.

Ticket page with a Workflow tab

One of the main features of an ITSM platform is the ‘Action Items’ (Workflow) – a series of automated processes and tasks that guide the progression of IT service management activities.
The ‘Action Items’ element is located in one of the right sections’ tab. and is designed to streamline an operation process. every step can be assigned to a specific user, contains unique form’s task that needed to be completed before the user can mark this step as ‘complete’

Template designer

In this platform, users have the capability to define and manage multiple ticket templates under a single license, primarily composed of grouped fields within distinct sections.
The template designer features a three-column layout; the left column allows users to select specific field names (each associated with a field type) and drag them into the middle column, placing them under the desired section. Additionally, clicking on a field in the middle column reveals its unique properties in the right column, such as group restrictions and field hints.

New Ticket

The platform features a floating ‘new ticket’ form, enabling users to simultaneously work within the platform while inputting information into the new ticket. This adaptable form allows for expansion, minimization, and the ability to open and manage multiple forms concurrently, enhancing multitasking and user efficiency.

SysAid’s Copilot AI

SysAid’s Copilot AI – Monitoring

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