Alvexo Desktop Trading platform

Project description
A browser-based platform for online CFD trading,
includes live trading platform, markets analysis, economic calendar, news, online & academy.

Years active

 Trading platform for desktop & mobile

 Head of product design

Main trading screen

Although it looks simple, the main trading page was designed to hold numerous of actions & services without leaving the screen, for that purpose we created 3 menu areas:

Menu 1
The top menu will give the user his balance status, a deposit button, and on the right corner a popup menu with all the user’s options.

Menu 2
The right menu contains action like positions and orders menu and some of alvexo’s content services like financial news, trading signals, webinars, etc.

Menu 3
the third one is the middle tab menu containing information about the selected asset like statistics, feed, news, and forecasts.

Trading signals

Trading signal is a trigger for action to buy or sell asset in a specific price point. The signals are hand-made by Annalists combine visual with pre-defined platform fields.

Open position

In this window the trader can either buy or sell  an asset. The user can see the live price of the asset, decide how many unites he wants, buy only on specific price and define stop loss point.

Asset's info

a set of statistics information boxes about a specific asset included:
Price performance, traders’ sentiments & daily buy/sell info.

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